Introduction to USA Digital Solutions, Inc.

Software services for the title and settlement services industries


Welcome to the USA Digital Solutions, Inc. web-site. We hope you will find that this site provides both useful information about our many product and service offerings, and helpful support information for you once you are a USADSI® customer.

Founded in 1976, USADSI has developed easy-to-use and efficient software for the title and escrow industry. The evolution of the software, over the years, has been facilitated by our close and on-going communications with our extensive installed customer base, spread throughout the western United States and beyond. Today, USADSI provides a fully-integrated title production, escrow management and trust accounting system, based on a Microsoft SQL® database back-end, and utilizing heavily customized Microsoft Word® templates. A web portal is available to support online file opening and tracking. In addition, we offer electronic recording software. We also provide integration vehicles for property and title search services.

Our company provides complete solutions, including computer software, user training, customized reporting and documents, and on-going support. We are also constantly developing new services and solutions targeting the challenges faced by the entire settlement business environment.

Please contact USA Digital Solutions with any questions about our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you and to demonstrating how we can help your business be more effective and efficient.

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